Download SmartPhone Flash Tool V5 and V3

SP Flash Tool v5 and v3 or Smart Phone Flash Tool has become the best flashing tool that also helps you MTK chipset Android mobile or tablet, You will also Flash any Android with PC computer. So it also allows you to use root, firmware Stock Rom upgrade of your MTK-Set.

If you also ever were already searching for the Smart Phone Flash Tool for your mtk phones, then these pages might be extremely helpful to you actually. Here the direct download link for the latest version SmartPhone Flash Tool.

SP Flash Tool V5 Windows PC

1.SP FlashTool v5.1620

2.SP FlashTool v5.1616

3.SP FlashTool v5.1612

4.SP FlashTool v5.1604

5.SP FlashTool v5.1552

6.SP FlashTool v5.1548

7.SP FlashTool v5.1532

8.SP FlashTool v5.1528

9.SP FlashTool v5.1524

10.SP FlashTool v5.1520

11.SP FlashTool v5.1516

12.SP FlashTool v5.1512

13.SP FlashTool v5.1504

14.SP FlashTool v5.1452

15.SP FlashTool v5.1436

16.SP FlashTool v5.1352

17.SP FlashTool v5.1343


Download V5 Linux

18.SP FlashTool v5.1620

19.SP FlashTool v5.1616

20.SP FlashTool v5.1612

21.SP FlashTool v5.1604

22.SP FlashTool v5.1512

23.SP FlashTool v5.1548

24.SP FlashTool v5.1532

25.SP FlashTool v5.1528

26.SP FlashTool v5.1524

27.SP FlashTool 5.1520-32b

SP FlashTool 5.1520-64b


Smart Phone Flash Tool V3

28.SP FlashTool v3.1344

29.SP FlashTool v3.1332

30.SP FlashTool v3.1328

31.SP FlashTool v3.1316

32.SP FlashTool v3.1312

33.SP FlashTool v3.1304

34.SP FlashTool v3.1238

35.SP FlashTool v3.1224

36.SP FlashTool v3.1222

37.SP FlashTool v3.1216

* Please make a backup of your device (phone) before installing or updating ROM

Download SP Flash Tool
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How to Flash any Device:

a. Download and extract SP flashtool, USB Driver and firmware file (model based).

b. Install the USB Drivers on your PC.

c. Open SmartPhone Flash Tool and Select scatter file and click download tab.

d. Connect your phone via USB cable, flash poses running.

e. Flash successfully, disconnect phone to PC.


See, How To Flash device From PC Using SmartPhone Flash Tool Full Instructions and Video tutorials.

Main Features:

1. Flash use MTK-CPU based model: MT6589, MT6582, MT6577, MT6595, MT6592, MT6575, MT6572, MT6573

2. Flash Stock Rom: Flash scatter based Stock ROM and Custom ROM on the Android Smartphone. Upgrade your smartphone from the current running firmware to older and newer firmware file.

3. Format smartphone: This feature you can format any Android running on the MediaTek Chipset phones. Load the Scatter file and connect your smartphone to the computer and press on Format button.

4. Flash Recovery: Be-side Flashing the complete custom ROM and any stock ROM, it also enables you to flash the recovery file. For Flash recovery, you also need to load the Scatter file.


Support Device:


This SmartPhone tool also allows users to format phone EMMC, NAND, and SDMMC flash.


* Alternative Tool: Flashing any MTK-Chipset Devices use alternative flash tool, Then It is also best tool Download Smartphone multiport download here.



a.After flashing a wrong preloader, your Android devices will be completely dead.

b.We will not responsible if you also make any/all mistake or bricked your mobile or tablet.


Credits: MediaTek Inc

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